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The company "Lamda" was founded in 1967 and is one of the eldest in the field of shading. Today, half a century later, with a team of more than 70 employees, in new modern, company-owned facilities, we continue to develop, to create and to have a vision.

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Awning Systems


Awning Systems


Monoblock awning is a modern shading solution. Apart from their stable aesthetics, monoblock systems provide a solution to weaknesses in existing facilities. 

  • Maximum width: 8,00m
  • Maximum projection: 3,00m
  • Bigger dimensions are possible, up to 9,00m width and 6,00m arm projection. In this case, the awning is not delivered assembled.
Awning Systems


This type of systems are characterized for their quick assembly and installation while at the same time they are a cost-effective and stylish solution.

  • Μέγιστος άξονας: 4,00m
  • Maximum projection: 3,00m
  • Υποδέχεται βραχίονες OVAL, PRESTIGE ή MAXI.
Awning Systems


Folding arms "Hercules" and "Hercules Twin" are ideal solutions for both professional and home spaces that require resistance to harsh weather conditions and long projection lengths.


  •  Minimum length: 3,50m
  • Maximum length: 4,75m
  • Minimum width: 3,75m
  • Extra heavy duty type profiles

Twin Hercules:

  • Minimum length: 5,00m
  • Maximum length: 6,25m
  • Minimum width: 5,65m
  • Extra heavy duty type profiles
Awning Systems


This is the optimal shading proposal especially for windows. They operate with a spring to keep the fabric always stretched and are used as an alternative in cases where it is not possible to install a system with arms.

  • Minimum length: 0,60m
  • Maximum length: 1,60m
  • Manually or electrically operated
  • With or without cassette box