Retractable Arms Prestige LUX

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Retractable Arms Prestige LUX

Prestige Anodized Arm


The anodized aluminum profil and stainless steel wire do this arm to become the most resilient of the market. It is suitable for placement near to coastal areas. the width of the profile makes it very powerful. The anodized arm
will remain intact for a long period of time (+ 8 years).

Retractable Arms Prestige Anodized
0400 -AN 70mm-60mm 1,60m
0401 -AN 70mm-60mm 1,80m
0402 -AN 70mm-60mm 2,00m
0403 -AN 70mm-60mm 2,20m
0404 -AN 70mm-60mm 2,50m
0405 -AN 70mm-60mm 2,75m
0406 -AN 70mm-60mm 3,00m
0407 -AN 70mm-60mm 3,25m
0408 -AN 70mm-60mm 3,50m

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  • Motion_engl_74x74Products with this indication are also available in combination with modern electrification.
  • Paints_engl_74x74Our products are available with standard color white. You can also ask for electrostatic painting of any RAL color of your choice.