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Arms Systems

  • Cassete_525_518x274

    Cassete 525

    • Elegant
    • Economical
  • Cassete_Prestige_518x274

    Cassete Prestige

    • Dynamic
    • Appropriate to large dimensions
  • Monoblock Awning System


    • The most simultaneous european solution
    • Suitable for wall and ceiling
  • Criss Cross Parts

    Criss Cross

    • Crossed Arms
    • Special construction for difficult condititions


  • Titan_Plus_518x274

    Titan Plus

    • Autonomous to 7mprojection
    • Resistant to the hard weather conditions
    • height difference 15%
  • Toxoti_Curved_615x325
  • Titan_Standard_518x274

    Titan Standard

    • Independent model with maximum projection 5.5m
    • Resistant to the hard weather conditions
  • Pergola_Titan_518x274

    Titan Classic

    • Installed only in ready made iron or wood structures.
    • Resistant to the hard weather conditions
  • Titan Smart Pergola

    Titan Smart

    • Stretched across every point
    • Applied on already existing structures
  • Pergola Glass Roof

    Pergola Glass Roof

    • Ideal for roofs
    • Suitable structure for shadow

Special Systems


  • Reduction Winch


    • Resistant
    • Dynamic
    • With 4 bearings
  • Balcony Arm Star

    Balcony Arms

    • by the side with springs
    • Balcony arm for resistance to the wind pressure
  • Plastic Covers

    Plastic Caps

    • Stylish
    • Resistant
  • Alumimun Endcap


    • Aluminum Endcaps
    • Aluminum Endcaps with bearing
    • Endcaps PVC
  • Roller Tube


    • Roller tube with guide
    • Aluminium tubes
    • Square Bar (40X40) Galvanized
  • Aluminum Hood

    Aluminium Hood

    • Suitable for the wall
    • Suitable for monoblock


  • Symbol_CE_74x74
    CE Certification
    CE Class EN 13561
  • Motion_engl_74x74
    Products with this indication are also available in combination with modern electrification.
  • Paints_engl_74x74
    Our products are available with standard color white. You can also ask for electrostatic painting of any RAL color of your choice.