Giant arms

The Hercules and Hercules Twin range offers the ideal solution for both commercial and residential spaces that require durability in difficult weather conditions, as well as long projection lengths.

Giant arms systems


Hercules Arm

Super Heavy-duty profile articulated arm with chain hinge, ideal for shading installations that require weather resistance and projection of up to 4.75m.

  • Shortest length: 3,50m
  • Longest length: 4,75m
  • Minimum axis length: 3,75m
  • Super heavy duty type profile
Hercules Twins 3

Twin Hercules Arm

Special type twin arm, with chain hinge and 4mm thick super heavy duty profile. The only solution for shading applications with up to 6.25m projection.

  • Shortest length: 5,00m
  • Longest length: 6,25m
  • Minimum axis length: 5,65m
  • Super heavy duty type profile

Our products are available in basic white,
with the option to select electrostatic paint finishes in any RAL colour of your choice.